The Sugar Club

"It's a venue to die for. Wood panelled walls, plush banquette seating and a pristine sound system render the rest of Dublin's night-life cruddy in comparison." The Irish Times After opening in 1963 The Irish Film Theatre closed its doors in 1985. It would be another 14 years before the space would be used again and so it was in August 1999 that The Sugar Club was born.

We are an integral part of Dublin’s Cultural Community as a multi purpose Arts Centre. Irreplaceable Burmese Teak panels cover the walls of the auditorium. The tiered cinema seating was kept but replaced with plush velvet banquettes. A state of the art digital projector and high-end sound system were installed to give the best possible viewing and listening experience for performer and public alike.

Dublin may be a relatively small city (and an even smaller capital) but it is literally overflowing with creative talents from so many fields. It has been our absolute delight to find and work with these individuals whether they are in Music, Film, Design, Comedy, Theatre and Animation. Many acts and artists that could go nowhere else have found their home here and gone on to become extremely successful.

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